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Quarantine / Licence number AW0029

Quarantine Procedure

Elite Koi take Bio Security seriously to protect our business along with ensuring we have done everything as far as reasonable practicable to provide disease free Koi to our customers.

Currently all Koi purchased by Elite Koi have already been through some form of Quarantine by our suppliers. As an extra precaution Elite Koi will heat ramp all new arrivals at our Quarantine facility.

All  new Koi will enter the business at our Quarantine facility, this facility is away from our retail shop so as to ensure no cross contamination with fully quarantined stock can take place.  

Koi will enter the QT pond at 14°c  for a minimum of 42 days. 

During this period the temperature of the QT pond will be raised to 24°c and held at the temperature for 14 days twice. 

 Animal Establishment Licence

Elite Koi comply with The Animal Welfare Regulations 2018

Licence Number AW0029

Date Granted 20/12/2018

Licence Expiry Date 19/12/2019

Premises Rating 5 out of 5