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Koi Quarantine Procedure

Here at Elite Koi we take the health of our livestock and biosecurity very seriously. This is done to not only protect our own business but also the beloved Koi collections of our customers.

We only purchase Koi from our trusted partners and don’t import anything directly ourselves. Each of our partners are Cefas approved importers who follow highest standards of biosecurity and have in place solid quarantine protocols.

These Quarantine protocols range from heat ramping to full QPCR testing for the KHV. In addition to these protocols we also quarantine all new arrivals at either our offsite facility or in the new arrival tank at the shop for 2 weeks prior to them being offered for sale.

As keen hobbyists prior to opening Elite Koi the safety of our precious collection was always a top priority when making a new purchase. So we understand that you want peace of mind and that is why we take every precaution and you can buy with confidence knowing that we have done everything we can to ensure our livestock is safe!