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Pond UV Clarifiers

Ultra violet Clarifiers commonly referred to as UV are an essential part of any pond set up. 

UV lights are used in Koi Ponds to help keep your pond water crystal clear by getting rid of green water and Algae.

  • All of our Koi pond quarantine , grow on, & stock systems have at least one UV fitted and they come in several different types.
  • The main type and most popular is an inline UV C which is usually fitted into your pond pipework before the biological filter on a pump fed pond or after the filter on a traditional gravity fed system.
  • Submersible and Amalgam units are usually fitted into Drum Filters near or around the screen. They can be used in other parts of the system but must never be fitted where the UV light is exposed to your biological filter media. The benefits of a submersible / Amalgam unit are, more water is exposed to the UV light so lower wattage units can be used.
  • Never look directly at Ultra Violet light as it may damage your eyes.

Here at Elite Koi we stock and sell all UV spare and replacement parts for the units we sell.