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  • Elite Koi are a UK dealer of exculusivily Japanese Koi. based in Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire. We are passionate about Koi & ponds and offer great Koi at Great prices from Great Breeders. Here at Elite Koi we stock a wide range of Koi & Pond food to suit feeding your Koi at all seasons and temperatures. We also stock Goldfish food & specialist high protein food for Sturgeon. Some of our suppliers include Evolution Aqua, Aqua Source, JBL & JPD. Koi and fish treats including Gammarus Shrimp, Mealworms, Silkworm Pupae and Shrimp are also available. including our own Brand Looking for a new pond filter? Elite Koi offer competitive quotes on a wide range of filtration and media's which will keep your ponds clean and healthy. Come and see our systems which are filtered by Nexus, Burtons Combi, Showers containing Bacteria Home media and EVO UV units. We are always happy to discuss your needs and provide quotes on a variety of Filters. Many other items are available in store and online including the best selling Aqua Forte DM variable water pump, Air pumps, UV units & Bulbs, Koi Socks & Handling Nets, ,to name a few. Planning a new pond or upgrading? We stock a wide range of Spindrifter / Standard bottom drains, Pressure / waste pipe and fittings including reducing bushes to convert from pressure to waste and vice versa. We always find it useful to view fittings and lay out to ensure your project can be completed quickly. Elite Koi are the Northern Supplier of the full range of GRP/ Fibreglass EZ Ponds, call in to view ours and also pictures of previous customers to give you inspiration for a ready made pond. We can offer quotes on full packages so all you need add is water to have a beautiful Pond

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