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Join Elite Koi's Live Koi Auction every Saturday from 2:30pm
Navigating the Nooks of Niigata

Navigating the Nooks of Niigata

A Morning at Odakan
Our day kicked off bright and early, stepping into the crisp morning air on our way to Odakan. Known for its dual role as breeder and dealer, Odakan didn't just impress with its immaculate setup but also hinted at treasures from the south, like Sakai and Matsue Koi Farms. A stunning pond greeted us, its occupants a mystery we were eager to unravel. Amidst the allure, a two-step Kohaku caught my eye, a vivid emblem of koi beauty. Yet, the promise of acquisition was delayed until Thursday, a pause in our quest that might just be a blessing in disguise given our growing inventory. 
From Odakan to Kawakami: A Test of Will
Leaving Odakan behind, our journey meandered through to Kawakami. There, the Goshiki and Beni Kumonryu left us in awe, their beauty nearly justifying the steep prices. Yet, with the weight of previous commitments looming, I made the difficult decision to walk away, a choice that felt right despite the tug of desire. 
Otsuka's Offerings: A Serendipitous Selection
Our next stop, Otsuka, brought familiarity and fresh excitement. Known for our past acquisitions of petite tosai, Otsuka presented a new opportunity with a bowl of Kyotores. Yet, amidst the bustling deal, my gaze was stolen by the Nisai Pond's Budo Goromo, a find so compelling that Mr. Otsuka himself assisted in netting a selection for us. This unexpected bounty was not just a testament to Otsuka's quality but a direct fulfillment of one of our specific quests. 
Auction House: Reflections and Aspirations: 
The day's journey took a reflective turn as we approached the renowned auction house, its image mirrored perfectly in the tranquil waters. Capturing this moment, we envisioned using the photographs for a banner at the new Koi Auction House, a project brimming with potential.
Culinary Comforts and Looking Ahead
Exhausted yet fulfilled, the day concluded with culinary comforts at Nogami, where a sizzling steak and a pint of beer offered a well-deserved respite. These moments of relaxation are cherished pauses in our packed itinerary.
Anticipation for Satoshi: A New Connection
With anticipation building for tomorrow's visit to Satoshi, we're not just stepping into the unknown regarding his koi but also kindling a new friendship, thanks to a shared love for border collies. This personal touch, a calendar for Satoshi, promises to break the ice and deepen the connection. 
Reflections on a Day Filled with Promise
Today's journey through Niigata's koi farms was a blend of discovery, decision-making, and unexpected delights. Each visit, from the anticipation at Odakan to the serendipitous finds at Otsuka, underscored the depth of passion and dedication that defines the koi breeding world. As we navigate the delicate balance between desire and practicality, the experiences of today not only enrich our collection but also deepen our appreciation for the art and culture surrounding these magnificent creatures. Looking forward to tomorrow, we carry with us the lessons, connections, and memories that continue to shape our koi odyssey.
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