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A Day of Triumphs and Discoveries: Chris's Koi Odyssey

A Day of Triumphs and Discoveries: Chris's Koi Odyssey

Morning Refresh and New Beginnings
Waking up refreshed and mostly jet lag-free was a relief, setting a positive tone for the day. Collected at 9:45 AM, we headed straight to Maruhiro Koi Farm, a place I've heard much about but never visited. The anticipation was palpable, fuelled by stories of their exceptional koi and the warm reception they're known for.
Maruhiro Koi Farm: A Warm Welcome
Arriving at Maruhiro was like stepping into a world where passion for koi transcends business. Unlike the formal greetings at some farms, Maruhiro's approach was personal and heartfelt. Presenting one of our Elite Quality shirts to the owner, his eagerness to collaborate was evident, offering a glimpse into the potential of our partnership, especially for future auctions.
The Delight of Discovery
Navigating through the ponds, the stark contrast in pricing for the koi was a stark reminder of the quality we were amidst. Starting in the more expensive pond was a deliberate choice, aiming for the pinnacle of koi excellence. The thrill of discovery was relentless, with each netted koi revealing another, more enchanting than the last. It felt like uncovering hidden treasures, one after another.
Unexpected Generosity
The day took an exciting turn when Maruhiro-san, in a gesture of unexpected generosity, offered select koi at reduced prices. It was a testament to his acumen and desire to share his farm's best with us. Watching him meticulously select fish for us was a masterclass in dedication and expertise.
Cultural Interlude: Ramen and Revelations
The invitation to lunch with Maruhiro-san and his family was a humbling experience. The best bowl of ramen noodles I've ever had wasn't just about the food; it was about sharing a moment of genuine hospitality and camaraderie. The swift nature of dining here—eat and go—was a cultural insight, adding another layer to this rich tapestry of experiences.
Afternoon Ascend: Snow and Serenity
Our journey continued upwards into the mountains, where the snowfall added a magical quality to the landscape. The quiet beauty of frozen mud ponds and the serene pace of life here were a stark contrast to the bustle of the UK. It was a moment of reflection on the simplicity and beauty of nature intertwined with the koi culture.
Further Explorations
The afternoon was a whirlwind of visits to several koi farms, including Yamazaki, where the beauty of the koi matched the reputation of the place. Meeting fellow enthusiasts from France underscored the global community we're part of, all united by our passion for koi.
A Rewarding Finale at Shinoda
Our last stop at Shinoda was the culmination of the day's pursuits. Finding a bowl of desired Gosanke, previously on my wishlist, was a perfect end to an already remarkable day. The efficiency and warmth of the transaction were reflective of the koi community's spirit, focused on respect and shared passion.
Evening Reflections and Plans Ahead
Returning to the hotel, I felt a mix of exhaustion and exhilaration. Sharing videos and updates with the team back home, including a video call with Tracey that brought the mountains to her, was a reminder of the shared journey we're on. The prospect of freeing up space for future selections fills me with anticipation for what the next days will bring.
Humble Accommodations and Looking Forward
The hotel, comically suited for hobbits, provided a humorous end to the day. Its compactness is a reminder of the simple needs when the days are filled with such rich experiences. As I prepare for another day, the excitement for what's to come is palpable. This journey has been nothing short of incredible, far surpassing my expectations and leaving me eager for more.
Tomorrow Awaits
As I sign off, ready to rest and rejuvenate for another day, I'm reminded of the beauty of this journey—its unpredictability, the connections made, and the discoveries yet to unfold. Tomorrow is another day, and I can't wait to see what it brings.



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