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Weld-On Wet R Dry Solvent Weld Glue


Plastic Pipe Cement 725 Wet R Dry is suitable for use on PVC Pressure systems, may also be used on PVC and ABS.

  • Cut pipe square, remove all burrs, dirt, grease and moisture. Clean surfaces with plastic pipe cleaner below.
  • IMPORTANT: Check dry fit. A tight interference fit is essential if quick pressurisation is required.
  • Working quickly, apply a full, even coat of cement to pipe, then a thin, even coat to inside of fitting.
  • Avoid excessive use of cement resulting in puddling.
  • While cement is wet, immediately push pipe and fitting together.
  • Hold joint for at least 30 seconds to avoid pushout.
  • Allow a few minutes beforeapplying pressure.
  • Full joint strength will be reached in 4 hours.
  • For temperatures below 5°C. allow a longer cure time.

Replace lid after use, store between 5°C and 20°C, use within 3 years of date on base of can.

Very fast cure, use in wet or dry conditions. PVC cement for all classes and schedules of rigid and flexible pipe

Specially formulated for applications where conditions are very wet or when quick pressurisation is desired. Comes complete with brush attached to inside lid of can.