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Takazumi Friend 10kg

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Entertaining basic food for koi .

Takazumi Friend is a complete and affordable koi food that supports colour and growth. It has been developed to meet the great need for an affordable quality feed. And Friend is real quality, a feed should not just be called Takazumi! It ensures healthy, good looking koi.

The floating granules of 4.5 (M) or 6 (L) mm are not only friendly for your fish, but also for the pond water (which does not cloud) and for the filter (which is not extra charged). Takazumi Friend can be fed at water temperatures from 12 o C and is supplied in bags of 10 kg.

Composition: vegetables and vegetable by-products produced with genetically modified soy, grains, fish products and by-products, vegetable protein extracts, minerals.

Analysis: crude protein 33.0%, crude ash 5.5%, crude fat 4.5%, crude fiber 3.5%, total phosphorus 0.66%, calcium 6.5 g / kg, sodium 1.3 g / kg.

Additives: Vitamins A - 15000 pe / kg, C - 200 mg / kg, D3 - 2000 pe / kg, E (RRR alpha-tocopheryl acetate) - 200 mg / kg, trace elements copper (E4) - 2.5 mg / kg, iron (E1) - 100 mg / kg, zinc (E6) - 50 mg / kg, manganese (E5) - 15 mg / kg, selenium (E8) - 0.25 mg / kg. Contains EU approved antioxidants.

Keep cool and dry, do not overfeed.