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Superfish Pond ECO Plus E


Pond ECO Plus E

The most economical electronic filter pump, perfect for water movement and filtration with a low power consumption (approx. 5 Watt per 1,000 L/h). A pond pump that truly deserves a “green label”! Including a 2 year Pick-up & Replace service for maximum security.

  • High water flow output with extremely low energy consumption.

  • Suitable for both submerged and dry mounted use.

  • Multi-step hose connection

On-site 48-hour “Pick-up & Replace” service!

If your pump breaks down
it can be a major and costly problem. With SuperFish PondECO Plus there’s no need to worry. If your pump breaks
down we will deliver a new unit within 48 hours free of charge.*

*Monday - Friday only.

PondECO Plus E 3500

PondECO Plus E 5000

PondECO Plus E 8000

PondECO Plus E 10000

PondECO Plus E 12000

PondECO Plus E 15000

PondECO Plus E 20000