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Limited stock of Butterfly Koi released for Sale
Limited stock of Butterfly Koi released for Sale

Aqua Source Large River Shrimps

Large shrimps are a High Protein Natural Food Koi Treat ideal to feed to Koi, Goldfish and Orfe.

    Highly Nutritious Quality Food
    High in Protein
    Helps Attain High Growth
    Vibrant Colours

This 400 grams of Koi treats come sealed  in a handy sized, reusable tub with lid.
Fish love a treat. By using our Koi treats it will be possible to tame some of your Koi. Tame Koi will feed from your hand, this enhances your pleasure and understanding of your “living Jewels” and allows you to observe the Koi in closer detail. Understanding your Koi is essential to diagnosing any problems within the pond environment. Koi not acting in their usual behaviour indicate a potential problem and should have you reaching for your Koi Doctor Book.
To tame your Koi, patients is required, Always feed from the same spot and offer your treat gently only submerging your finger tips. Continue this routine until the more bolder fish start accepting your treat.

Crude Protein 60% Crude Fat 9% Crude Fibre 9% Ash 12% Vit A,D3,E & C