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Join Elite Koi's Live Koi Auction every Saturday from 2:30pm


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Breeder -  Dainichi 

Size        -  57cm

Age        -  Nisai


This exceptional 57cm Showa is proudly imported directly from Japan's world-renowned Dainichi Koi Farm - home to some of the most exclusive bloodlines in Koi keeping today!

Hand-selected by the experts at Dainichi’s highly sought after show-quality stock, this young Showa Female exemplifies the elite caliber that built their esteemed global reputation.

Her features the trademark jet black canvas distinctive of the Showa variety, masterfully accentuated with vibrant bursts of bright red scaling along her lateral lines. Her immaculate white base glows in stark contrast, completing the varietal trinity of colours.

From head to tail, his colour separation and balance adheres precisely to Dainichi breed standards. This strict attention from champion artists like Dainichi results in consistent winners.

Invest in superiority with this Premium Dainichi Showa. Only the most exceptional candidates pass selection for export from their Japanese farms.

Here is your chance to own an exclusive piece of living art before they rise to unattainable pricing!

Koi Comes with Elite Koi Identification certificate

Nationwide Delivery Available  - BUY ONLINE

Reference EK5070

Koi Shipping £30 per box, multiple Koi can be shipped in one box.