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Join Elite Koi's Live Koi Auction every Saturday from 2:30pm




EKH 158

Breeder -  Ooya

Size        -  25cm

Age        -  Tosai

Gender - Male

Experience the pinnacle of Koi keeping with the Elite Koi from Ooya Koi Farm - a breathtaking Sanke Tosai (male young Koi) that promises to be an absolute showstopper in your pond or water garden.

At a substantial size of 25cm already, this magnificent specimen showcases the superior genetics and meticulous breeding that have made Ooya's Koi renowned worldwide. The striking red (hi) and black (sumi) patterns against the pristine white (shiro) backdrop create a visual masterpiece that captivates the eye and stirs the soul of any Koi enthusiast.

But the Elite Koi is not just a marvel to behold - it is an investment in the future. Expertly evaluated for its potential, this Tosai Sanke exhibits all the hallmarks of a champion, poised to develop into an even more breathtaking mature Koi with each passing season. Its genetic pedigree and flawless form hint at the incredible sizes and patterns it may attain under your dedicated care.

As a testament to its elite lineage, the Elite Koi comes with a copy of the official breeder's certificate, documenting the specific bowl from which it was selected at Ooya's revered facility in Japan. This certificate serves as proof of the Koi's authentic Japanese origins and impeccable bloodline.

Don't miss this remarkable opportunity to own a genuine piece of living art and the pride of owning an Elite Koi from one of the world's most respected Koi breeders. Despite its show-quality pedigree, this Tosai is being offered at an extremely reasonable price, making it an exceptional value for discriminating Koi collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Elevate your water garden to new heights of beauty and prestige with the Elite Koi from Ooya. Act now, as opportunities to acquire such a promising specimen are rare and fleeting. Start your journey towards Koi keeping excellence today!

Koi Comes with Elite Koi Identification certificate

Nationwide Delivery Available  - BUY ONLINE

Reference EKH158

Koi Shipping £30 per box, multiple Koi can be shipped in one box.