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Saki Hikari Deep Red

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Saki Hikari Deep Red Sinking Medium

Trust Hikari® to help your koi rapidly develop that deep, desirable Hiban with minimum impact to the Shiroji.
This specialized formulation offers results that will amaze you!


Contains a precise amount of select, pure-cultured Spirulina which naturally contains highly concentrated carotenoids to help your koi develop more rapid and deeper coloration while reducing the chance of discoloration of the Shiroji ( white areas of the koi).

What is Hikari-Germ™?
The Hikari-Germ™ is a spore form of a beneficial, live (viable) naturally occurring micro-organism (probiotic) which awakens once in the intestine of the koi. Its inclusion, along with the uniquely balanced nutrient mix only Hikari® could develop, offers your koi their best chance to develop their championship potential.

The Hikari-Germ™ by reconditioning the waste in to smaller particles your filter can more readily handle can improve overall water quality, filter effectiveness and can help reduce regularly scheduled pond maintenance.

Use of this diet with our other Saki-Hikari® diets is recommended to experience the maximum Hikari-Germ™ effect.


For best results use Saki-Hikari® Deep Red™ when your water temperature is consistently above 20ºC(68ºF). As this diet offers an extreme color enhancing effect and is meant to be used as a supplemental feed.
As a reference, based on feeding trials at the ®Hikari Aquatic Lab's, a mix of this diet and Saki-Hikari® Balance in a ratio of one part Deep Red™ to two parts Balance would provide a similar color enhancing effect as Saki-Hikari® Color Enhancing. Therefore, higher levels of Saki-Hikari® Deep Red™ will provide more aggressive color enhancement. Please note: Exclusive feeding of Saki-Hikari® Deep Red™ may cause discoloration on the Shiroji(white areas of the koi).


All koi with championship potential kept in cooler climates or during periods when the water temperature is not stable.

Crude Protein Crude Fat Crude Fiber Ash Phosphorus Moisture
min. 45.0% min. 5.0% max. 2.0% max. 15.0% min. 1.2% max. 10.0%