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Join Elite Koi's Live Koi Auction every Saturday from 2:30pm

Rubber Flexi Pond Pipe Fittings, T Piece

Rubber Flexi Pond Pipe Fittings, Elbows, Straight Connectors & T pieces make plumbing your pond pipework quick and simple. No need for solvent glues and sealants is required. No time is wasted waiting for glue and sealant to cure. Time can be crucial when trying to keep filter bacteria at its peak. The smooth rubber inner wall aids the flow of water through your ponds pipes causing less loss of flow from your pumps.

The Flexible nature of the rubber bends also allow pond pipe connections to be made were poor alignment exists with already installed rigid pond pipes.

Fast Installation of additional equipment

Flexi Rubber fittings are incredibly useful when installing additional equipment to your pond. Additional Equipment used for keeping your water crystal clear can be temporarily or permanently fitted quickly. Additional equipment such as Bakki Showers, Nexus filters, state of the art drum filters, additional UV units can be piped up quickly and simply, the only tool required is a flat head screwdriver or an eight millimetre socket. The socket is preferred as flat head screwdrivers can slip and cause injury.

When the extra equipment is no longer required simply undo the fastening bands and disconnect your equipment. Reconfigure and re route your pipework with ease using the same fittings and tools. This cannot be achieved by using solvent weld fittings.

    Can be used again and again unlike solvent weld fittings.
    Very useful were access is tight and confined.
    Great for emergency repairs.
    Quick fittings for additional filters etc.