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Join Elite Koi's Live Koi Auction every Saturday from 2:30pm

Raffle Koi - Ki Utsuri Draw 23rd March 2024

Sold out

Draw 23rd March 2024

Ki Utsuri - Raffle Koi 


Winning Number 28


Please read the full listing and raffle instructions before buying a number to be in with a chance of winning this Koi.



Breeder -  Maruhiro 

Size        -  23cm

Age        -  Nisai 

The stunning Ki Utsuri is a beautiful koi fish variety that stands out with its vibrant yellow colour.  This particular variety, known as Ki Utsuri, features a black base with yellow markings, creating a striking contrast. The combination of the bright yellow colour and the metallic scales makes this koi fish a truly eye-catching addition to any pond.


Koi comes with an Elite Koi Identification Certificate.


Nationwide Delivery Available  - BUY ONLINE


Reference EK4819

Numbers cost £3 each. The winning number will be selected using the national lottery bonus ball drawn the first Saturday or Wednesday following sale of all numbers. Cut off time for the draw on these days will be 6pm. Draw details will be posted on our facebook page once all numbers have been sold.

If the winner requires the koi to be shipped a £30 shipping cost will be required prior to the Koi being couriered.

Please note that you are purchasing a number to participate in this raffle and by purchasing a number/numbers you are agreeing to the above.