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NIJO Lacto Remedy

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The new generation of lactic acid bacteria.

Lacto remedy has purposefully been developed and tested for use in ponds.

As a result, Lacto Remedy contains several strains of lactic acid bacteria which produce enzymes. These enzymes are responsible for the breakdown of proteins and peptides that are found in organic waste.

By competing with the bad bacteria that cause fish disease, the lactic acid bacteria consume all available food leaving the bad bacteria to die. As a result of this, you will find a rapid improvement in the health Dosage:

Make sure you shake the bottle well before use.

Use 225ml per 4,540l (1000gal) of water. For best results mix the recommended amount for your pond and mix with 5lt of pond water and 10lt of warm tap water and leave for 5 minutes and then pour evenly around the pond.

For bad bacterial infections, it is recommended to double the dose and repeat every two weeks until the problems have been eliminated.

For best results this treatment can be used from 7c water temperature and repeated monthly. During treatment switch off UV's and/or any ozone equipment.