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Nexus Upgrade Kits

Nesus Upagrade

Easily upgrade Nexus filters post 2006

Evolution Aqua have made it possible to upgrade previous models of the Nexus filtration system to incorporate the new and improved features that are present on the current Nexus 220 and 320. The upgrade Kits are available in two versions for either the Nexus 210 or Nexus 310 bodies.

You can upgrade the four Nexus filters manufactured post 2006, pictured below


Use the Nexus 220 / 320 Upgrade Kit

The Nexus 220 and 320 Upgrade Kit upgrades the EAZY in Nexus filtration systems manufactured between 2006 and 20014, to the very latest EAZY used in the 220 and 320. This kit contains all the components you need to make this upgrade.


• Easily convert your Nexus 210 or 310 with the brand new EAZY

• Benefit from improved mechanical filtration and flow with

• New EAZY has a more efficient pattern of slots allowing better flow

• EAZY can be removed if needed with K1 Micro media in place

Nexus By-Pass Kit

The Type 2 Overflow / Universal By-Pass Kit allows you to add an overflow pipe to your Nexus filtration system, that was manufactured between 2006 and 2009. This kit only contains the components needed to fit an overflow pipe and a lid



We no longer support upgrade kits for pre-2006 Nexus filters, pictured below