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Designed with six-pointed star filament and open hook, the star filter brush is widely used in filtration systems such as fish farms, public aquarium, Koi pond and backyard garden pond.

It has excellent physical & biological filtration for blocking wastes and cultivates bacteria.

Mountain Tree Filter Brushes are made of new plastic material with good shape and not easy to deform, can be used for more than 5 years, which is 5 times than conventional brush.

Serves as both physical and biological filtration mechanism

Mountain Tree Filter Brushes are used for mechanical filtration in the first filter chamber where the coarse dirt particles, such as remove fish waste or dead plants and algae. Also they are very good settlement area for beneficial microorganisms.

Widely used in several filtration system

Mountain Tree Filter Brush is the optimal choice for Bakki shower of Koi pond, water treatment system, public aquaria, and backyard garden pond and so on.

Special Star-Shape Filament is special design patented by Mountain Tree, which is 4 times specific surface area than other brushes. It will generally enhance the mechanical filtration. Obviously strengthen the ability of adsorption and provide a massive surface area for biological colonization.

  • Four times filtration power stronger than normal single thread brushes with the six-pointed star filament
  • Anti-rust weight bearings with 304/316 stainless steel to avoid secondary pollution
  • Easy installation and move with open hook head
  • Excellent physical and biological filtration-blocks wastes and cultures bacteria