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Lacto Bacillis Bacterial Treatment

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Ideally used with Biota Bacterial Activator Kit

Sizes, 100,000 - 200,000

Natural Aquatic has successfully developed lactic acid bacteria that you can culture yourself for use in your garden pond. Give your pond a boost with Biota Lacto using our Biota Bacterial Activator. Biota LACTO Lactic acid bacteria belong to the group Lactobacillus that produce lactic acids. Although the name suggests otherwise, these bacteria have nothing to do with milk. They are named after the acid they produce and are known for their application in dairy products such as yogurt and the production of sauerkraut. The lactic acid bacteria in Biota Lacto are very useful for the biological balance and the breakdown of organic substances within the water. They produce various enzymes, including amylase, phytase, protease and lipase, which contribute to the breakdown of proteins and organic matter in the pond. In addition, lactobacilli produce substances such as bacitracin and reuterine that have an antibacterial effect and inhibit or kill the growth of pathogenic bacteria. During the cultivation process in the Biota Bacterial Activator, all beneficial substances for your pond are created. With the help of specially selected bacterial strains and the right nutrients, enzymes, antibiotic substances and lactic acids are produced during this process. After activation, you can simply add directly to your pond.