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Colombo Kh (Carbonate Hardness) Water Test Kit


One of the major water parameter test all Koi keepers should check regularly to prevent Ph crash leading to a filter crash.

Testing Kh levels in a pond

Easy to use just add 5ml of pond water to the supplied tube and count the drops of regent until the sample turns colour from Blue to Yellow. Each drop is equivalent to 1 Dkh including the first drop which turns the 5mm sample blue. 

An ideal minimum reading to prevent Ph swings is 5-6 Dkh or drops.

Colombo liquid tests

Liquid tests for accurate measurement of pH acidity), KH (Carbonate hardness), GH (total hardness, NH3 (ammonia), NO2 (nitrite), NO3 (nitrate) and PO4 (phosphate). to the highest requirements, are easy to use and give a reliable measurement result.