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Ideal for all Shower type filters, Kano Shower Media will help maintain excellent water quality and also maintain the eco balance in your pond.

Made from the finest quartz and minerals, far infrared is heated up to 1800C to break up the internal bonds and create an incredibly porous surface, which encourages good bacteria to colonise in the huge protected surface area. The Kano Media emits FAR infrared rays that break the bonds of the neighbouring water molecules thereby allowing more oxygen to be dissolved in the water. Larger organic solids are dissolved quicker than conventional media. Kano Shower Media does not degrade and is pH neutral.

Kano Shower Media also provides a natural living environment for the cultivation of nitrifying bacteria, and also provides the necessary organic minerals for fish growth.

Kano Shower Media works as a ‘cleaner’ in the water ecosystem. It can improve the water quality efficiently and has
outstanding characteristics in relation to water flow, water pH improvement, oxygen content stabilization etc. All these can
successfully restore the water to its original crystal clear state. It also provides a favourable source for beneficial bacteria and for the reproductive growth of the aerobic bacteria and anaerobic bacteria, which are the two main necessary bacteria for the water quality
purification of aquaculture.

A high flow is recommended for maximum performance.

Available in 5kg boxes
Length 150mm
Thickness 40mm
50 pieces per carton