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GX Microscopes UltraBIO-3 series (Trinocular)

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Ultrabio 3 compound microscope

Trinolular allows a camera to be placed in the microscope whilst still allowing the user to look through both eyepieces.

 The GX Microscopes UltraBIO-3 series are GX Microscopes’ best value for money binocular biological microscopes and part of our ‘GX Value Range’.  They are enormously popular in education and among hobbyists giving outstanding image quality. This microscope is supplied with four, good quality, achromatic glass objectives in RMS threaded steel barrels giving a maximum magnification of 2000x and a magnification range of 40X-2000X.  

  • Binocular or trinocular head with interpupiliary adjustment and diopter adjustment
  • Pair 10X Widefield FN18 and a pair of 20X Eyepieces (20X with ID0710 only)
  • Quadruple nosepiece,  4X, 10X, 40X, 100X oil achromatic objectives
  • Mechanical stage, coaxial coarse/fine focus, Abbe condenser on rack & pinion
  • White LED adjustable light
  • Range of accessories available at extra cost including eyepiece camera adapters, cameras & storage case