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Join Elite Koi's Live Koi Auction every Saturday from 2:30pm

Aqua Source GH / KH Buffer

Aqua Source GH / KH  Combined Buffer.

The only combined Buffer for KH / GH on the market.

    GH (dissolved minerals) level between 8° – 12° is required for fish to grow and their general health
    KH (carbonate hardness) level above 5° is desirable to prevent pH fluctuations and crash.

What is GH?

GH is a measurement for the total quantity of dissolved minerals in the pond water. Fish need these for growth and general health. Ideally, the level should be between 8°-12° dGH (German degrees °dGH).

General hardness can also be measured in ppm (parts per million). Water above 200 ppm is considered to be hard  and is high in calcium and magnesium. Water between 50 & 100 ppm is considered to be soft and low in the minerals.

To convert °dGH to ppm multiply °dGH x 17.9.

Use Aqua Source GH /KH Buffer to raise your levels to the desired 8° – 12° or 143.2 – 214.8 ppm, this will ensure your fish have adequate minerals for growth and good health.

What is KH?

KH ia a measurement for the carbonate hardness in the water. This is critical for a stable pH. When KH is too low, the pH can fluctuate and even crash, causing serious issues for the fish. A KH above 5° (°dKH German degrees).

Ponds with low levels of KH are subject to rapid shifts in pH and this can be catastrophic for your Koi.

The level of carbonate hardness in your pond is determined by the source water and the treatment process’s it has undergone. Other factors determining the level include water change routine and if your pond is covered for the winter period. The use of plastic media in filters such as K1 can also consume carbonate hardness and this needs replenishing. As part of your pond husbandry routine levels of GH / KH should be checked regularly along with pH values.

Acid rain can lower the pH and sunlight can deplete the GH. Aqua Source GH / KH Buffer will stabalise the water and maintain the balance in the pond, when used as recommended. 1Kg will increase the KH by 2° and the GH by 4°, 1 Kg will treat 10,000 litres.

Directions: Mix the contents in a bucket of pond water and spread evenly into the pond. Repeat dose as necessary. This product will cloud the water for a few days.