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EazyPod UV Automatic


The automatic choice for your garden pond

The EazyPod Automatic is a self cleaning, automatic mechanical and biological filter
system for garden ponds up to 10,000 litres.
A control box fitted to the side of the filter contains an adjustable timer that

EazyPod Automatic


Inside the control box, the electronic connector blocks control the automated waste valve,
along with your circulating pump (not included). It even houses an
air pump that kicks in automatically to clean the
K1 Micro media.
Crystal clear, healthy water is achieved by the filter which is powered by a static bed of K1
Micro, which also provides enhanced biological benefits too.



Easypod Auto for sale


EazyPod auto Top Image

How the EazyPod Automatic works

The concept of the EazyPod Automatic is simple and yet innovative. Water enters via the inlet and
passes over an 18 watt UV Clarifying bulb (on UV versions ONLY), helping to kill any single celled algae
in the water.

The water then enters the outer chamber, which runs around the entire circumference of the
EazyPod. Between the outer chamber and the inner chamber, there is a stainless steel perforated
screen. These perforations are situated in the lower half of the screen and around its entire face.
This means that when the water passes from the outer to inner chamber,
a downward and upward flow is created. This causes many of the larger solids to settle in the base
of the outer chamber, due to the force of gravity.

The size of the perforations will not allow large mechanical waste to enter the inner chamber,
thus acting as a first stage mechanical filter. The inner chamber holds 18 litres of static K1 Micro
media. As the water enters the inner chamber, the fine smaller solids become entrapped in the K1
Micro. After passing through the K1 Micro, the clean water then rises and overflows into the inner
return pipe. From here it returns to the pond via the return outlet.

The EazyPod Automatic filtration system gives water quality and clarity that surpasses all
expectations. The nature and volume of the K1 Micro means, that when static, apart from being
a very efficient mechanical filter, there is more than enough surface area for beneficial bacteria to
colonise. Therefore on a smaller pond, the EazyPod Automatic is an excellent complete filter.


Installing the EazyPod Automatic


By this we mean that if your pump is going to be used to supply the water to the filter, and the
filtered water then returns back into your pond via gravity, i.e. down a waterfall, or through a large
diameter pipe, this is referred to as PUMP FED (i.e. the water is fed to the filter using a pump).

Cleaning Cycle

The K1 Micro is cleaned by the integrated air pump located inside the control box, that is connected to the air line in the EazyPod Automatic, which in turn goes to an air ring in the base of the inner chamber. The air ring has small holes in it which causes the K1 Micro to move and therefore clean itself.
During the cleaning cycle, the finer particles escape into chamber from the K1 Micro. This waste water will be automatically dumped via a 1½ inch motorised ball valve.

Ball valve

Cleaning is fully automated on the EazyPod Automatic, and is controlled by a built-in timer, which is factory set at one clean every 3 days, however, this is easily adjustable to fit in with your pond requirements. The EazyPod Automatic will run a cleaning cycle which lasts approximately 6 and a half minutes.