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Colombo Alparex - Anti Parasites

Colombo Alparex is a great pond treatment for Invisible Parasites,
White Spot and Fungus.
White Spot - caused by Ichtyophthirius or Ichtyo
Fungus - most caused by Saprolegnia. (Can be recognised by the appearance of
greyish white, cotton-like growths on the skin and/or gills.)
Colombo Alparex 250 ml will treat a 5000 Ltr pond. (1100 Gallons)
Colombo Alparex 500 ml will treat a 10000 Ltr pond. (2200 Gallons)
Colombo Alparex 1000 ml will treat a 20000 Ltr pond. (4400 Gallons)