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Join Elite Koi's Live Koi Auction every Saturday from 2:30pm

Cloverleaf Pond Heater 1KW & 2KW


These Cloverleaf heaters are very easy to install in to new or existing Koi pond set ups, and growing on systems. The heaters come complete with both rigid pipe and flexible pipe fittings.

Choose from connection using 19mm, 25mm, 32mm or 38mm flexible pond hose using the two hose-tails supplied or alliteratively the units will accept 40mm rigid solvent weld pipe or 1.5" rigid pressure pipe.When ordering the pipe please let us know it is for the heater and we will ensure if needed, the correct bush is purchased.

These simplistic easy to use pond heaters have a minimum flow rate of 4,000 litres per hour and for peace of mind have a safety low flow shut off.

For greatest efficiency and to stabilise an ambient pond temperature, the pond should be insulated and covered. This will help achieve and maintain your ponds temperature. Failure to insulate the pond well, may result in more KW per gallon / litre being used depending on the desired pond temperature.

Cloverleaf Pond Heater models for sale

1KW heater for ponds upto 1000 Gallon / 4500 litres

2KW heater for ponds upto 2000 Gallon / 9000 litres.

Pond Heater Specifications, 1KW & 2KW power consumption, 4000 litre power hour minimum flow limit with pressure switch, thermostatically controlled, IP55 rated,1.5 metre cut end cable fitted & Flexi hosetails plus solvent weld inlets / outlets.

New model now has Led power light.