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Join Elite Koi's Live Koi Auction every Saturday from 2:30pm

Bactoplus Fresh Photo Synthetic Bacteria 2000ml

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Bactoplus Fresh PSB (Photo Synthetic Bacteria)Living PSB for superior water quality.

2,000ml will dose 5 x 40,000 litres of pond water. with beneficial bacteria

Unique living PSB bacteria is cultured in the Netherlands, Fresh PSB (beneficial Bacteria) is active immediately and as soon as it has been added to your Koi pond. It improves water quality and clarity by removing ammonia and other impurities from the pond water. 

As the PSB bacteria does not consume any oxygen in the process of removing ammonia, it can be used in very high dosage levels.

Photo Synthetic Bacteria are capable of absorbing large
quantities of organic waste, and hence will improve the
water quality resulting in a better environment for your fish.

Bacteria in for example filter starter (gel) and BSO use oxygen, Photo Synthetic Bacteria on the other hand use light
and because of this there is no competition with the bacteria in
your filter. PSB can be used in large quantities. The PSB is
produced in our own facilities and is packed undiluted. The red colour of Bactoplus PSB is the natural colour,
no colourants are added to the product. The carotene produced by the bacteria is giving their red colour.
The carotene is needed to absorb light.

The presence of natural carotene in the product makes it also
suitable as an addition to fish food, when absorbed by the fish
the carotene will improve their colours.