Meal Worms high protein koi fish & Bird treat - Grimsby - feed Koi and fish from your hands - no 1 Koi and pond treat in Grimsby

Aqua Source – Meal Worms

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High Protein Natural Food Koi Treat. 

Koi love Meal Worms and given time, patience and feeding regularly, your fish will gain the confidence to feed from your hand with this treat. 

  •     Highly Nutritious Quality Food
  •     High in Protein
  •     High in Vitamins
  •     High in Edible Oils

    An ideal Treat for your Fish

This Koi treat comes in a handy sized, reusable tub with lid.
Crude Protein 60%
Crude Fat 5%
Crude Fibre 9%
Ash 16%
Vit A,D3,E & C

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