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Aqua-jet Perforated Hose (1 Meter)

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Aqua-Jet Perforated Hose Per Running Meter

Over the past few years, the Aqua-Jet aerator range has become popular amongst koi and ponds enthusiasts. in this item we have been inundated with requests from customers that want bespoke aerators made for their individual requirements. Our “Bespoke Aerator Kits” give customers the option to do exactly that. The range contains everything needed for a fully assembled aerator.

This perforated hose is for use with air only

Aqua-jet perforated hose is manufactured for a robust and durable rubber. The perforated hose is also extremely flexible making it perfect for aerators.

Please note: due to the perforated hose coming on large spools; the hose has a tendency to curl. Making it ideal for large round aerators, If you wish to make a straight aerator such as a large single bar or square shape additional weight will be needed to hold the perforated hose in place

Aqua-Jet Perforated Hose will be sold in meter lengths that will come in a coil.

Only fittings that we sell are to be used for this product to guarantee an airtight product offering superb performance

Please note;  On large aerators regardless of the shape we always recommend the use of additional air Input feeds, this will ensure no “dead spots” are present in the aerator offering an even distribution of air

if you have any further enquires/questions please don’t hesitate to ask

Perforated Hose dimensions
Internal Diameter -8mm
Outside Diameter -14