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Join Elite Koi's Live Koi Auction every Saturday from 2:30pm

Aqua Source Balance Sphere


Aqua Balance Sphere helps Reduce Ammonia & Nitrite levels quickly  

One Aqua Balance Sphere treats 30,000 litres and is packed full of beneficial, friendly bacteria.
  Aqua Balance Spheres are designed to reduce harmful Ammonia and Nitrite levels quickly and effectively.
 Each Sphere is packed full with beneficial, friendly bacteria that will help maintain a clean, healthy pond. Millions of enzymes in the sphere will help reduce organics in your pond, resulting in clearer water.
 Ideal for use in a Koi or wildlife pond containing your Goldfish and Orfe, the Sphere starts working as soon as it hits the water. You can put the Sphere either directly into your pond or, simply drop one in your filter. Elite Koi use the sphere in our Nexus 310 outer chamber of moving K1 media. Our main pond is 23 000 litres and a sphere a month helps in maintaining clear water. Our Koi are fed around 750 grams of Aqua Source food every day, this is often accompanied  by high protein Koi Buffet during the summer months. The Shere helps Reduce Ammonia & Nitrite levels which may spike to harmful levels through irregular feeding.
 Using the Sphere after chemical treatments have been added to your pond will help restart the biological activity in your filter. Also beneficial when feeding heavily during the summer.
 Please note, some pond treatments will render the Sphere ineffective..
 Store at room temperature. No need to switch off UV Clarifier.
This product is not intended to clear green water.
Wash hands after use and keep away from children. Do not swallow.

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