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1.5" Retro-fit Bottom Drain



A bottom drain is an essential component of proper Koi pond design and filtration. Installing a bottom drain when first constructing a Koi pond is highly recommended. If a pond does not already have one, a retrofit bottom drain can be added and is advised by Elite Koi.

The bottom drain is usually situated in the deepest part of the pond and is connected to the filtration system intake. Having a bottom drain serves several important purposes:

  • Removes debris and waste - The bottom drain sucks up solid waste like fish poop, uneaten food, and organic debris that sinks to the bottom of the pond. This keeps the pond floor clean and prevents buildup.
  • Improves water circulation - Water flow across the bottom of the pond is increased which prevents dead spots. The bottom drain moves water from the bottom to the filter which improves overall water circulation.
  • Aids filtration - Bottom drain water flow helps filter intake catch more waste particles and prevents clogging. Bottom sediment is removed before it converts to toxins like ammonia and nitrites.
  • Reduces pump load - Pumps don't have to work as hard if some of the water flow is handled by gravity via the bottom drain. This improves energy efficiency.
  • Prevents fish stress - Fish aren't fighting strong intake suction at the surface which can stress them. The bottom drain gently pulls water down below.
  • Retrofitting a bottom drain involves digging out the pond floor, installing drain pipe and a drain cover, and hooking to the filter system. This is disruptive but worth the long-term benefits for Koi health and pond cleanliness.

In summary, installing a bottom drain is one of the best investments for proper Koi pond function. Elite Koi always recommends adding one if not already present.

1.5" Retro-fit Bottom Drain

Introducing the ultimate solution for your freshwater koi or fish pond - the retrofit bottom drain with 1.5" pickup! Say goodbye to murky water and hello to crystal clear, healthy water for your beloved aquatic pets.

This innovative bottom drain is designed to be easily installed in your existing pond, making it a hassle-free upgrade. With its 1.5" pickup, it ensures efficient water circulation and filtration, keeping your pond clean and clear.

But that's not all - this bottom drain can also be used in swimming pools! Say goodbye to the hassle of manually cleaning your pool and hello to a sparkling clean pool all season long.

Invest in the retrofit bottom drain with 1.5" pickup and enjoy the benefits of a healthy and beautiful aquatic environment. Your koi and fish will thank you, and you'll love the ease of maintenance. Order yours today!

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