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Join Elite Koi's Live Koi Auction every Saturday from 2:30pm
Golden Corn - Black Zeus - Hi Utsuri - Karashigoi - Asagi - Elite Koi

Taniguchi Golden Corn & Dainichi Black Zeus

During a recent buying trip to Koi Wholesale, Chris used the opportunity to check up on Elite Koi's recent Autumn Harvest purchase an outstanding Female Golden Corn from Taniguchi Koi Farm. 

This fascinating relatively new variety has taken the Koi Breeder over 11 years to produce to a consistent standard and are showing steady development along with very powerful well built bodies. Elite Koi's Golden Corn featured is now a very impressive 49cm. This is from a Koi that was born in May 2020!! 

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Other Japanese Koi in this pond are available and if you would like any more information regarding purchasing the Hi Utsuri from Shinoda, Okawa Karashigoi or Asagi from Oya from Koi Wholesale please contact one of the Elite Koi team, Chris, Michael & Dek.

Click here to buy Elite Koi for sale.

Join Chris Jubb & Ricky Stoddart as they bowl and discuss Black Zeus from Dainichi. This incredible Koi is absolutely awesome and it's hard to believe that at 50cm, it has just finished it's first Summer Growing season. 

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