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Join Elite Koi's Live Koi Auction every Saturday from 2:30pm
Magnificent Shiro Utsuri Koi - Christmas Eve Elite Koi Auction Showstopper!

Magnificent Shiro Utsuri Koi - Christmas Eve Elite Koi Auction Showstopper!

Shiro Utsuri - Okawa- Sansai - 55cm

The Shiro Utsuri is all about the game of the most contrasting colours; black and white. Whilst Shiro means white and Utsuri means 'mirrored' you can expect black mountains arising from the side towards the backbone.

Nowadays of course, Shiro Utsuri, the most popular of the Utsurimono class which also contains Hi Utsuri and Ki Utsuri, referring to red and yellow, comes in many different artistic patterns, but there are a few rules this outstanding variety has to follow up on for proper appreciation. It has to show Sumi, that's the black, on the head, the body and the tail section. It should be represented as well as the white on each main part of the fish. Furthermore we love to see motoguru in the pectoral fins; it balances the fish out. Our Shiro Utsuri has all of that, but don't think that what you see if what you get. Shiro Utsuri can develop for a long time.

The black underneath has to develop through the years to show in Optimal form. Most bloodlines of Shiro Utsuri have this kind of yellowish head, although some Omosako Bloodlines for example have very clear heads from the beginning. It is not a sign though of lesser quality. Young koi have a thinner skin and what you see is the skull shining through. When the fish grows, the skin thickens and the head will become whiter. It is a good indicator that fish is ageing and finishing.

Our Shiro Utsuri on display has a very nice elongated head that will fit a large sized big fish. We believe this koi has plenty of growth coming up and although it is a male, will also have a much fuller body when in a proper pond with good feeding strategy.

As with Kohaku the Sashi shows in front of the red patterns, also a sign of good quality Beni, this Utsuri shows Sashi Sumi, referring to the blue underneath the white scales shining through. Again, when the fish ages and the skin thickens, this will become less visible and more contrast will arise on the fish. But for now it is a sign of good quality Sumi, hinting for you that the pigmentation is deeply present and therefore of better quality.

We really love this fish and it definitely is one of the main shining pearls in our shop! The pattern, body, head and skin quality are great, it still had some elements of surprise to show off to its new owner and we hope to be able to see the future development of this fish or even for the new owner to enter it into our photo competition in the next season.

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