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Join Elite Koi's Live Koi Auction every Saturday from 2:30pm
Join Elite Koi's Live Koi Auction every Saturday from 2:30pm
Elite Koi Annual Christmas Eve Live Auction Sunday 24th December

Elite Koi Annual Christmas Eve Live Auction Sunday 24th December

Live Auction Koi Selected for Sunday 24th December at 12pm


Join us for our hugely popular annual Christmas eve live koi auction! Elite Koi presents an exciting selection of 20 top quality Koi from our expert breeders, up for auction to discerning Koi collectors and enthusiasts.

This much anticipated event has become a Christmas tradition for Koi lovers. Not to be missed - tune in on December 24th at 12pm sharp for the start of bidding on prized show quality koi from renowned bloodlines.

The auction includes a range of varieties and sizes, from young prospects up to mature trophy Koi that could form the centrepiece of any collection. Koi of this caliber rarely become available on the open market!

Join the fun and take part! Will you take home that dream fish you've been longing for?

Don't miss the bargain of the year and kick off your Christmas in style with some of the highest quality koi Japan has to offer. The action starts December 24th, 12pm 

This is the live koi auction you do NOT want to miss!

The auction is streamed across the Elite Koi YouTube channel
Live streamed across the Elite Koi Keepers FaceBook group
Live streamed across the Elite Koi FaceBook business page 
If you wish to bid on any of the Koi featured below, it couldn't be easier
Join one of the livestream by clicking the above links, there is no need to register. Enter your highest bid in the comment box and click send. It really is that easy. The person displayed on the screen when Chris ends the auction is the winner of that Koi and the price you see is the price you pay.
We enjoyed the twist with the play your cards right between the auction Koi.
If there is any Koi you would like to see in the live auction just let us know.
EK3803 - Ginrin Goshiki - 36cm - Nisai - Ikarshi Ozumi 
EK4033 - Kohaku - 33cm - Nisai - NND 
EK4078 - Asagi - 37cm - Nisai - Hosokai
EK4080 - Ochiba - 43cm - Nisai - Maruhiro
EK4372 - Kohaku - 34cm - Nisai - NND
EK4519 - Shiro Utsuri - Okawa - Sansai - 55cm
EK4520 - Shiro Utsuri - 28cm - Nisai - NND 
EK4521 - Yamabuki Ogon - 22cm - Nisai - NND 
EK4522 - Kohaku - 25cm - Nisai - Dainichi 
EK4523 - Kohaku - 31cm - Nisai - SFF 
EK4524 - Kujaku - 28cm - Nisai - Omosako 
EK4525 - Ginrin Shiro Utsuri - 24cm - Nisai - Okawa
EK4526 - Tancho - 25cm - Nisai - Hoshikin 
EK4527 - Karashigoi - 29cm - Nisai - Maruhiro 
EK4528 - Kujaku - 25cm - Nisai - Yamanaka Oya 
EK4529 - Shusui - 38cm - Nisai - Ikarshi Ozumi 
EK4530 - Showa - 22cm - Nisai - Kase 
EK4531 - Showa - 34cm - Nisai - Hosokai 
EK4532 - Tancho Sanke - 24cm - Nisai - Marudo 
EK4533 - Ginrin Benigoi - 38cm - Nisai - Maruhiro 
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