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Should I Be Changing My Koi Food Routine As The Weather Warms Up?

Should I Be Changing My Koi Food Routine As The Weather Warms Up?

As the weather (hopefully!) starts to warm up and the British summer arrives it is time to step up your feeding routine. But how much fish food should your Koi consume and what should you look for when selecting which Koi food to buy?

How Much And How Often Should I Be Feeding?

Here at Elite Koi we stock a wide range of fish food and our top recommendation is that little and often is the best feeding regime. At this time of year we always feed as much as the fish will consume within a couple of minutes, but after this period any uneaten food should be removed.

Ideally you should have a regular pattern when feeding your fish - they will usually respond to the regularity and over time it will become possible to hand feed them if this is something that you would like to achieve.

If you’re not at home all of the time then automatic fish feeders such as the Superfish Koi Pro Fish Feeder are ideal for providing a good routine that your Koi will respond to, they are also great for measuring the amount of food your Koi receives at each feed. When using an automatic feeder you do not need to feed more, simply spread the same amount throughout the day at regular intervals.

Alongside building up the number of times your fish are fed throughout the day you should also keep a keen eye on your water parameters and be guided by this to ensure you are not overfeeding. Think of feeding the filter and building its strength in the same way that you think of feeding your Koi. It is not only the fish that get used to the food coming, filter bacteria will also get used to the small spikes in Ammonia and Nitrite caused by any feeding and over time it will improve the effectiveness of your filter.

Which Fish Food Should I Choose?

Much like choosing food for yourself and your family, choosing the right food for your Koi can be a confusing task if you’re not sure where to start – and just because your Koi enjoy the food does not mean it is the best choice for their health, appearance or growth!

Takazaumi Mix is our Koi food of choice across every system. It is a complete and well balanced fish food with all of the nutrition required for a healthy Koi, with optimum growth and intensive colouration.

In addition to this we stock a wide range of other Koi food products for individual needs – perhaps you may want to strengthen the immune system of your koi, or focus specifically on their colour intensity or growth. If that’s the case, get in touch []  and we’ll be happy to help with even more specific koi food recommendations.

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