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Join Elite Koi's Live Koi Auction every Saturday from 3:30pm
Featured Koi - Kujaku

Featured Koi - Kujaku

Featured Koi - Kujaku

This week's featured koi is a breathtaking 29cm young Kujaku imported by Elite Koi from the prestigious Omosako Koi Farm in Japan


True to its namesake, this "peacock" koi lives up to its regal reputation with its dazzling platinum metallic scales overlaying a deep orange base pattern. The dense layered scales have a prism structure that reflects light, resulting in an awe-inspiring iridescent shimmer.

As one of Japan's foremost Kujaku breeders, Omosako is renowned for producing top quality specimens with vibrant shine and colours. This example exhibits flawless conformation and radiant brilliance that immediately captivates.

While their visual appeal is unmatched, Kujaku are also known for being relatively hardy and easy to care for. Their active nature and resilience makes them an excellent choice even for beginner koi keepers wanting to add a true showstopper to their pond.

Few koi can compete with the Kujaku's stunning beauty. The elegant glimmer and prominent presence of this living jewel embodies the pinnacle of Japanese koi breeding. We encourage you to visit Elite Koi to admire this featured Kujaku firsthand!

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