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A Crisp Morning Quest at Yamazaki and the Search for Rarity Early Stirrings at Yamazaki

A Crisp Morning Quest at Yamazaki and the Search for Rarity Early Stirrings at Yamazaki

The day commenced at 8:50 AM, right outside the gates of Yamazaki Fish House, under a sky cleared to a brilliant azure. The mission was twofold: secure a Long Fin and add a Beni Kujaku. Also, the promise of returning to Hirasawa for the Mizuho Ogon loomed large, yet the immediate world was serene, dressed in a pristine layer of snow, with animal tracks weaving tales across the landscape. 
The Silence of Yamazaki's setting, in the heart of a populated zone yet wrapped in tranquility, this radiant Tuesday morning has its usual vibrancy paused in the stillness. The usual sounds of daily life were absent, replaced by a peaceful quiet that is almost surreal, I felt being part of someone else's mental projection during meditation. 
 Discoveries and Delights
The day's first victory was a selection at Yamazaki, a lovely bowl we apprehended. The pursuit then shifted towards a Long Fin as our customer Gary is looking for as well; a task met with the warm hospitality Yamazaki is known for. This initial part of the journey was about more than just acquisitions; it was a deep dive into the culture and camaraderie that define the koi community. 
Journey Through the Mountains
Post- Yamazaki, the expedition ventured into the mountains, capturing the majestic beauty of Niigata's landscape. The search led us back Odokan's, but no offerings available there until Thursday. The discovery at Torazo, however, was nothing short of breathtaking, revealing Kohaku of exceptional beauty. 
Reverence at Hirasawa
Our return to Hirasawa's farm brought the day's most profound moments. The selection of Tategoi male Koi there was a marvel, showcasing vibrant colours and vitality against the backdrop of crystal-clear pond water. Despite observations from the UK about the water's appearance, the health and vigour of Hirasawa's fish were undeniable, illustrating that true quality often lies beneath the surface. 
 The Mizuho Ogon Challenge
The quest for Mizuho Ogon was as challenging as anticipated, with initial sightings offering only pale shadows of what we sought. It was at Hirasawa's farm that our patience paid off, unveiling not just the sought-after Mizuho Ogon but also a unique white variant, sparking intrigue and further inquiry into its precise classification. It feels like finding a treasure after figuring out the treasure map and doing the digging; victory! As socially because we also managed to get our hands on a total of 12 Hi Utsuri coming to Grimsby! 
 Adapting to the Pace
As the day unfolded, adapting to the rapid pace of selection became second nature, finding a balance between thoroughness and the need to respect the breeders' time. This journey was not merely about the fish but about engaging with the artistry and dedication of the koi breeders, immersing ourselves in the serene yet vibrant life enveloping Niigata's fish farms. 
 Reflections on a Day of Discovery
Today's foray into the heart of Japan's koi culture was a reminder of the beauty and challenges that come with the pursuit of rare and exceptional koi. With each visit, each selection, the depth of our journey into this fascinating world grows, enriched by the landscapes, the people, and, most importantly, the koi that continue to captivate our hearts and imaginations. I can only warn you guys when you come back in the shop; please don't promise to be home soon, because I've got some fish to show and stories for tell!



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