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A Chronicle of Passion and Perseverance

A Chronicle of Passion and Perseverance

The morning's anticipation was thick and I set off towards Takatasu, fueled by the vivid memory of the Black Diamonds—those Ginrin Doitsu Kumonryu that had haunted my thoughts since our last visit. The journey through the scenic countryside, with its snow-covered rice paddy fields, was a reminder of the intricate beauty and meticulous care that defines Japan.

The Art of Selection at Takatasu

Upon arriving, we were met by the serene atmosphere of Takatasu, a stark contrast to the fervor with which we approached our task. The breeder greeted us, understanding the purpose of our visit. As we navigated the narrow, slippery edges of the ponds, the physical challenge mirrored the delicate balance of selecting koi. The fear of slipping, potentially losing my phone into the water, underscored the risks involved in this endeavour.

Navigating the ponds, we began with the higher-priced ones. Each koi's beauty was more striking than the last, their scales shimmering under the morning light. The breeder, with a practiced hand, netted the koi for us, each movement a testament to his expertise and the respect he held for these creatures.

A Moment of Triumph and Reflection

Selecting the koi became a deeply personal journey. With Chris's encouragement, I trusted my eye, making selections that felt like a culmination of all I had learned. The breeder's nods of approval were not just affirmations of my choices but acknowledgments of my growth from observer to participant in this world.

The Challenge of the Ponds

The precarious walkways around the ponds were a constant reminder of the careful balance required in koi selection. I nearly lost my Wi-Fi box to the water, a moment that brought home the tangible risks of this pursuit. Yet, it was these challenges that made each selection feel all the more rewarding.

Confidence in Solitude

Left alone to document the selected koi, I found an unexpected confidence. This solo task, once daunting, became a source of pride. Each photograph was a testament not just to the koi's beauty but to the personal growth and connections forged throughout this journey.

An Unplanned Journey

The day unfolded with unexpected twists. From witnessing the thawing mud ponds to visiting the Koi Museum, each stop was a chapter in the day's adventure, rich with discovery and reflection. The thaw, revealing water beneath the ice, was a poignant metaphor for my own evolving understanding of the koi world.

A Coffee with My Hero

Our visit to Maruhiro's home for coffee was a highlight, a moment of warmth and camaraderie. Yet, it was briefly pierced by the tremors of an earthquake, a stark reminder of life's fragility. This shared experience deepened the bond formed over our shared passion for koi.

Embracing the Unique
Encountering a koi marked with sumi at Maruhiro challenged my perceptions of beauty. As we bowled quite the marvelous asagi, but then I saw a little Sumi on the head. It's quite funny how it works; you are amazed by a Koi but the moment you place it into a variety class you look at it differently. The expectations you then connect to how the variety should look when perfect, blurs the untroubled gaze of admiration you had.

This moment of contemplation was a turning point, underscoring the beauty in uniqueness, beyond conventional standards and I will as Japanese breeders do as well; try to really appreciate all of it's beauty before a false sense of judgement spoils both the fun as well as realism. There is no such thing as a perfect Koi and we do not all have to win the All Japan Koi Show and we do not all have a wallet as thick as the ass of zebra.

Farewell and Forward
As the day waned, saying goodbye to Takatasu, to My Hero Maruhiro, and to Niigata was bittersweet. The anticipation of sharing these experiences back home was tinged with the sadness of departure. Yet, this journey doesn't end here; it's a chapter in a larger story of discovery, connection, and personal growth.

This final day in Niigata was not just about the pursuit of koi; it was a day filled with lessons learned, beauty discovered, and friendships forged. As I prepare to return home, I carry with me not just the anticipation of the koi's arrival but a renewed perspective on life, enriched by the beauty, resilience, and spirit of Niigata.
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