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Colombo TEST LAB professional

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Testing your pond water parameters is essential to keeping a healthy Pond & healthy Koi. When our team at Elite Koi is asked " why are my Koi sick", the first question we ask is "what are your water parameters"?

Colombo TEST LAB professional

Easy to use pond water test kit.

This complete water parameter test kit comes with 7 of the most common and necessary water tests to help keep your pond in tip top condition. Healthy water equals healthy fish. This complete kit can be used for Pond Water, Fresh Water and Sea Water.

Tests included

  • pH        Acidity

  • KH       Carbonate Hardness

  • GH       General Hardness

  • NH3    Ammonia

  • NO2    Nitrite

  • NO3    Nitrate

  • PO4    Phosphate

Complete test case with professional dripping tests for testing the water in aquarium and pond. Case contents, test tubes, colour charts, a syringe and a manual are included.

Individual Clolombo Aquatests can be used as a replacement for tests that are emptied.