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The Best Koi Fluke Treatment

The Best Koi Fluke Treatment

Wondering how to tackle koi flukes? We focus on the best koi fluke treatment to help you eradicate the problem quickly and effectively.

A type of microscopic parasite, koi flukes invade the world of koi and thrive in poor pond conditions. If koi flukes are causing you problems, try a koi fluke solution that succeeds time and time again where other treatments don’t.

Say hello to Colombo Morenicol Lernex Pro. It’s made from a mixture of different chemicals – nitroscanate, praziquantel and flubendazole – and it’s extremely effective against skin flukes and gill flukes.

After all, both are a stubborn parasite that quickly build up resistance to available treatments. But the fact is this: if left untreated, koi flukes can cause bacterial infections and even fatalities amongst your prized koi collection.

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Koi flukes: signs to look for

You’ll know if you have koi flukes if you spot your koi hanging, flashing, producing excessive mucus or displaying other out of the ordinary behaviours. You can diagnose them correctly via a mucus biopsy under a microscope, if you suspect any of these characteristics.

Lernex Pro can put a stop to such behaviours amongst koi – and a 1000ml pot treats 20,000 litres of water. It just isn’t cost-effective to use cheaper, less effective treatments, as you’ll probably need to re-dose multiple times.

But the Lernex Pro koi fluke solution is based on the latest scientific knowledge and contains high-quality anti-worm agents to which resistance amongst koi has not yet been built up.

The best koi fluke treatment, Colombo Morenicol Lernex Pro makes perfect sense – and it has been developed for the treatment of resistant gill flukes, skin flukes and worms in ornamental fish.

Effective in the treatment of resistant skin worms (Gyrodactylus) and gill worms (Dactylogyrus), it’s relatively fast-acting and can get to work on koi which are displaying abrasion, listlessness and decreased appetite.

The Gillworm, aka Dactylogyrus, is egg-laying. Damaging and irritating koi’s gills, it can cause them to thicken and no longer function correctly. As more cases have come to light showing that skin flukes (Gyrodactylus) are particularly resistant to commonly used agents such as triclabendazole, levamisole, flubendazole and piperazine, Colombo has discovered that Nitroscanate is an anti-worm remedy that is both safe and effective.

Koi fluke Lernex Pro treatment: some guidance

Only for use in ornamental fish in ponds, the Lernex Pro koi treatment should be kept out of reach of children.

Store it in the box, between 4 and 32 °C, and avoid contact with the eyes and skin. After use, close the lid properly and wash your hands. As fish parasites are cold blooded, meaning their metabolism decreases at lower temperatures, we recommend raising the temperature of the water to above 10° C improve absorption.

Be aware, also, that little is known about the effect of the treatment on other aquatic animals, such as frogs and salamanders, as well as pets and birds that drink from a pond which now contains Lernex Pro.

It can be said that, as fish can swim in it, it is harmless to animals that only drink from it, but it is worth, while treating your koi, giving pets who might usually drink from your pond a bowl of water instead.

Lernex Pro: can it be used with other agents?

The effects of using Lernex Pro with other agents is unknown, so you should mix agents at your own risk.

Want to know more about Lernex Pro? Do not hesitate to get in touch with our team here at Elite Koi.

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