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Join Elite Koi's Live Koi Auction every Saturday from 2:30pm
Development of Goshiki

Development of Goshiki

Getting ready for the Elite Koi photo show is always an exciting time here at Elite Koi. we are very grateful to all of our customers for taking the time and effort to participate.

These events allow us to share some extraordinary and fantastic development images from the different Koi varieties sold here at Elite Koi.

Look at the images below to see how a Koi can develop and how the development can be influenced by environmental factors such as water temperature and seasons 

Goshiki from Aokiya - purchased from website 19/2/22

July summer photo show 2022 (5 months later)

Autumn Koi Photo Show October 2022 (3 Months)

Looking through the sequence of images and the timeline of development, its clear to see how the Goshiki robing started out quite dark back in February. 5 Months later the Ginrin has really developed and is very strong, this image was taken at the height of summer so temps would have been around 20 - 22°c. Now take a look at the last image and the robing has transformed to almost a thick dense Sumi. We think the Koi looks awesome and of course the latest image was taken as the pond temperature has fallen to around 10°c. 
This Koi has been fed on Takazumi food programme (including Takazumi Yugen immune boost) developed by us here at Elite Koi. 
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