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Mini Bacteria Home Media

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Mini Bacteria Home Media 5kg 

Ideal for topping up and filling gaps in Bakki shower trays 

Bacteria Home improves the water quality, clarity, and decreases algae growth.

The special porous ceramic forms the ideal habitat for the bacteria to attach. Not only does this keep your koi healthy, but it also naturally filters dirt and even algae! Dangerous substances and particles in your pond are broken down by the bacteria into less harmful nitrate. Then, anaerobe bacteria lower the nitrate content in the water. This way your pond doesn’t only become cleaner, but it becomes clearer too.

Bacteria Home is a high-grade filter medium made of porous bars of mineral rock. The rock is baked under very high temperatures. Bacteria Home is suitable for different types of filter, but is especially effective in a bakki shower.

High concentrations of good bacteria nestle in the microscopic pores in the rock. The bacteria improve the quality of your water and filter out any harmful particles such as nitrate, nitrite, and ammonia.

Bacteria Home increases the mineral and redox values of the water. It also enriches your pond with oxygen. This way, Bacteria Home improves the quality of your water up to 16 times more effectively than do other filtration systems.