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Join Elite Koi's Live Koi Auction every Saturday from 2:30pm

Medo Air Pumps, Filter Foam & Service Kit

Medo Koi Pond Air Pump
Piston System Air Pump, Quiet & Vibration Free
Medo air pumps linear - motor - driven Free Piston System uses an internal piston inside the cylinder which is driven by an elcto magnate and spring system controlled by the alternating input current cycle. The Medo air pumps piston forms a single combined structure of two devices i.e. motor and pump.Medo Air pumps are a superb choice for use in Koi Ponds & GRP Koi Tanks with size's to suit a variety of Pond / Tank volumes.Medo air pumps range offer air pumps  capable of adding air / oxygen to all your equipment such as Nexus outer chambers and fluid / moving bed filters. Medo Air Pumps are quiet, vibration free and offer advantages of easy maintenance combined with a long operating life.
Medo Air Pumps Fewer Componants
The Medo Air Pumps unique and simple structure has no complicated transmission mechanism such as a crankshaft, ball bearings & connecting rods etc. These are widely used between motors and compressors in conventional diaphragm pumps.
How Nitto Medo Air Pump Works, Operating Principle
Within the Medo Air Pump the activated electro magnate attracts the piston against a return spring, whilst air is drawn into the cylinder through the open inlet valve. Once the elctro magnate is deactivated, the return spring pushes the piston back, compressing the air. The compressed air is now brought out of the cylinder through the now open outlet valve. Medo air pumps can function as as either a compressor or as a vacumn pump.
To buy a Medo Air pump, replacement filter foam or Medo service kit, selct your choosen pump size/ item from the drop down menu.