Colombo Lernex - Anti Flukes & Worms

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Colombo Lernex Anti Fluke & Worms

A great treatment for Skin and Gill worms, Piscola and Fish Lice andAnchorworms.
Colombo Lernex can also work against Macro Parasite such as fish lice (Argulus) which can grow to 1/2 cm.
The skin worm (Gyrodactylus) gives birth to living young and therefore is capable of fast reproduction. This results in skin irritation and the the thickening of the skin and your fish produce a slimy mucous layer over their skin.
The gill worm (Dactylogyrus) is a parasite that lays eggs. It causes damage and irritation to the gills with your fish gills thickening and them losing function. Infested fish often rub their gills on plants and stones.
Colombo Lernex Dosage:
20g / 500 litres of pond water.
If required, repeat the treatment after 14 days.

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