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Koi Comes with Elite Koi Identification certificate 

Breeder -  Kanno

Size        - 27cm

Age        - Nisai

Goshiki bred by Kanno Koi Farm

Very high quality Goshiki, bright strong Beni, lovely skin quality and a superb pattern all help your eye flow along the great body of this Japanese Koi.

 Overwintering available Free of Charge until March 31st 2021

Nationwide Delivery Unavailable with our usual APC courier until early 2021. Please contact us if you wish this Koi to be couriered once service resumes or by an alternative courier - BUY ONLINE

Reference EK487

Shop Overwintering terms & Conditions.

Koi must be paid in full.

Koi must be collected or shipped by 30th March 2021 unless otherwise agreed in writing by Elite Koi.

No refunds or swaps.

Overwintered Koi become the responsibility of the owner at the point of purchase. Elite Koi will in no way guarantee the Koi’s quality, growth, health or mortality. Koi will be kept at ambient temperatures.
By purchasing this Koi you will be agreeing to the above terms & conditions.