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Limited stock of Butterfly Koi released for Sale
Limited stock of Butterfly Koi released for Sale

Evolution Aqua Sedative 100ml


Evolution Aqua Sedative

Evolution Aqua Sedative koi treatment medication is part of Evolution Aqua's full strength treatment, created for koi keepers who wish to take care of their own fish.

Designed to keep your fish calm, Evolution Aqua Sedation koi treatment medicine slows the breathing of your koi, placing them into a docile state, allowing you to carry out any required scrapes, examinations or minor surgical procedures without causing them unnecessary stress or harm.

For use in small isolated bathing units. DO NOT add this medication to your pond.

Dosage Instructions

  1. Read instructions and prepare everything to make the procedure as stress free as possible. Fill the treatment bath with just enough pond water to cover the fish and add an air stone. In the unlikely event of an adverse reaction, or to recover the fish, make sure another untreated bath is ready with an air stone.
  2. Shake the bottle thoroughly for 1 minute every time prior to dosing. Add 5ml to the bath per 10L of water (1 pipette = 1ml). DO NOT ADD TO THE POND. Dissolve the sedative in a cup of warm water first then mix thoroughly into the bath. Wait for 5 minutes to disperse.
  3. Catch the fish and place into the treatment. Once it can be handled without struggling, it is ready (usually after 3 to 5 minutes). The fish may roll onto its side but should be slowly moving its gills. At 5 minute intervals, add an extra dose if the fish does not become calm enough to handle.

    NOTE: All fish require different levels of sedative. This product is designed to slowly and safely sedate them so don’t panic if it takes several doses or longer than 10 minutes. If the fish reacts adversely or you feel uncomfortable, return the fish to clean water.

    Do not leave the koi unattended.

  4. Place the fish onto a wet towel, cover the eyes and treat the wound. Ask someone to help ensure the fish remains still.
  5. Once treated, immediately place the fish into the recovery bath or pond near an air stone or filter outlet. Release once it can swim upright (usually after 3 minutes).

    Observe the fish to ensure revival.