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Limited stock of Butterfly Koi released for Sale
Limited stock of Butterfly Koi released for Sale

Pond Visit Level 1


Pond Visit Level 1 will include

A general look over of Pond and Filter systems

Taking & Recording of Key pond water analysis

Taking a water sample for Lab Analysis if requested by the client ( Lab Analysis is a separate charge depending on analysis required)

Microscope examination of at least 1 Koi (max of 3). 

Recording of Client concerns and any unusual behaviour

Visits will last between 30 mins - 1 hr

Please ensure that you have appropriate Bowls, Pan nets with suitable length handles and a Koi sock ready and in place for the visit. If these are not available let us know and we will advise on what you need and once purchased we will bring with us.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need to use any of our Fish Health services or would like further information about them. 

A 3 pin socket will be required to use the Microscope and this will ideally be situated under a roof. We will allow you to have a look at your Koi's mucous sample using the microscope.

Elite Koi Fish Health accept no responsibility for any loss or damage that may be caused to your ponds, filters or Fish during our visit.

Travel to the Pond Visit is charged at .50p per mile, this is the case for both ways and will be invoiced prior to the visit. Our Postcode is DN31 1FQ