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Cloverleaf Automatic Feeder


Cloverleaf Automatic Feeder

Cloverleaf's electronic computerized auto fish feeders are a breakthrough in both sophistication and exceptional value for money, and will be appreciated by all pond & Koi keepers who either have frequent holidays, or by those who are away from their ponds during most of the day.

Feeding small amounts at regular frequent intervals is scientifically known to be the best of techniques for  the benefit of both fish and filtration systems, and the computer controller with digital display allows just this. 

Up to 8 feeds per day over any given period are possible, with full control over the exact amount being fed.

Models are available in 3 sizes - the small (5lb pellets), the Medium ( 10 lbs) and the large (20lbs). 

The largest model measures approx 530mm high X 275mm dia.