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Join Elite Koi's Live Koi Auction every Saturday from 2:30pm

Aka Matsuba


Aka Matsuba


Breeder -  Otsuka

Size        -  27cm

Age        -  Nisai

This koi will be available for collection or shipped at the end of the month. 

The Aka Matsuba is a beautiful variety of ornamental koi known for its striking red (aka) coloration set against a pinecone-like (matsuba) black scale pattern.

This variety originated in Japan and is considered one of the classic koi types that helped establish these carp as a popular fish for decorative ponds and water gardens.

The base body colour of the Aka Matsuba koi is a vivid, rich red. Interspersed across the red background colour is an overlaying black scale pattern that resembles the texture of a pinecone.

This dark scale pattern starts at the head and flows back across the body in an irregular, mottled design that grows slightly thicker along the back.

The red and black colours contrast strikingly, allowing the koi's graceful form and flowing movements to stand out as it swims.


Koi Comes with Elite Koi Identification certificate


Nationwide Delivery Available  - BUY ONLINE


Reference EK4948


Koi Shipping £30 per box, multiple Koi can be shipped in one box.