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Replacing UV tubes

Replacing UV tubes

To maintain clear water in your pond the general rule is to replace your UV tube in your UV clarifyer every 6 months. 

Spring is an excellent time for replacing your tube. This ensures your tube is at its strongest as the sun is climbing and getting higher in the sky. 

Here at Elite Koi we stock new Evolution Aqua EVO UV Clarifiers at all sizes from 15Watt - 110Watt units.

We also stock spare quartz sleeves and tubes in 15 Watt, 25 Watt, 30 Watt & 55 Watt. Other tubes and spare parts can be ordered for next day delivery including ballast and other brands of UVC.

If you are fitting a new UV light, the general rule is around 5 Watts of UV per 5000 litres of pond water. Please call in to see us if you are considering a new unit so we can ensure you choose a suitable unit for your pond. 



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